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Melvin O. Shaw provides client-centered estate planning services, tailoring wills, trusts, and power of attorney documents to each client's specific needs. His practice involves advising on wills and revocable trusts for asset distribution, and preparing healthcare and financial directives for emergencies. Melvin also offers reviews of existing estate plans to ensure they align with current client goals.  

Melvin assists clients with probate administration as a means to carry out the wishes of the decedent, according to Iowa law and the governing instrument. In particular, he assists executors and estate representatives sell real estate, resolve creditor claims in probate, handle subdivision of farmland and sales, and transfer various items of personal property, among other assets.  

Full Service Estate Planning Practice.

You can establish and update your will, trust, powers of attorney, and establish special needs trusts for a dependent loved one by contacting Melvin at (319) 337-7429 or You may also contact his paralegal Stephanie by phone above or 

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Estate Planning Made Simple

An estate plan can be considered as the written, orderly transfer of property following the death of the owner. The assets that make up an estate include real estate such as primary dwelling and other residential and commercial real estate, personal property such as vehicles, boats, bank checking and savings accounts, certificates of deposit, household furnishings, and miscellaneous personal effects.

Basic Estate Planning Documents

A last will and testament, health care powers of attorney, and financial powers of attorney are the core documents that comprise most every estate plan. Each document serves a different purpose. 

Last Will and Testament  

The Will also would bequeath property to a surviving spouse or other loved one. The Will would provide for the orderly transfer of real estate, and it may address the disposition of certain financial accounts and other personal property. Depending upon the client, a Will may address the matters addressed above and may include provisions for charitable and specific bequests for siblings, grandchildren and nonprofit organizations.  Still other clients may benefit from the use of a revocable trust or other trust instrument that provides lifetime management of property, privacy, and may help ease the probate administration process.

Powers of Attorney

Powers of attorney for health care and financial affairs are documents that are used during the lifetime of the person -- called the principal -- who grants power to another person -- called the agent -- to act for the principal in case of a medical emergency, or other event that affects the principal's decision-making ability to manage their own financial affairs. Each power of attorney can be made effective once signed and would remain effective despite the disability or incapacity of the principal. A durable power of attorney can also serve as a substitute for a court-appointed guardian or conservator.

Intestate Succession

If you pass away without a Will, Iowa laws of intestate succession determine who, how, and when a person may receive your property.  The scenarios are numerous; however, you can eliminate the uncertainty of wealth and property distribution by selecting an estate planning attorney to listen to your objectives and to advise you regarding your estate planning options.

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The decision to make a Will and the related documents is a very personal, and should be done with care and with consultation with trusted legal counsel.As part of the estate planning process, Melvin prefers to meet or video chat with each client to discuss their wishes and objectives, and to discuss the relational dynamics of their family.  Following the initial consultation, Melvin would prepare the estate planning documents that meet the client’s wishes and objectives.

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The Law Office of Melvin O. Shaw, P.L.C. is available to assist clients with estate planning questions and may be reached at (319) 337-7429 or

This summary is intended to provide general information only and is not intended to provide specific legal advice. Each person should obtain a detailed, specific analysis of their own personal needs.